Impact: BMW hit by strike in South Africa image

More than 2,150 workers at BMW’s factory in South Africa have walked off the job over pay that has slowed output, Reuters reports citing a local newspaper.

Guy Kilfoil, a BMW SA spokesman, confirmed workers had gone on strike over shift allowances, which by the end of yesterday had resulted in lost production of 1,270 BMW 3-Series vehicle. The Rossyln factory outside Pretoria produces 82,000 cars a year with nearly 69,900 of those exported to countries such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia

“All of those cars need to re-allocated to other plants around the world and obviously affects our reputation with our customers quite badly,” Kilfoil said.

“Unfortunately, the strikes certainly will make it much more difficult to get the necessary support from our parent company in the future when it comes to production allocation and volume,” he told Automotive Logistics News.

He said BMW SA paid workers two different night shift allowances, with workers receiving 17 percent more than a normal shift for working a shift up to midnight and 20 percent more than a normal shift for a shift that ended after midnight.