In the next year auto companies are expected to add new jobs to keep up with the increasing consumer demand.

Advisory firm KPMG made a survey which showed that in 2013 auto companies will add new employees to keep up with the increasing consumer demand as they will begin to replace their aging cars and trucks. Although this year the European debt crisis caused a decline in demand, the surveyed US auto executives are optimistic about their companies’ prospects.

“The survey results clearly demonstrate a U.S. automotive industry that is regaining confidence,” Gary Silberg, KPMG’s national auto industry leader, said in a statement. “Even though the overall economic recovery remains weak, that is not the case in automotive where pent-up demand for vehicles in the U.S. is expected to carry over for years.”

Therefore car companies are beginning to add new jobs, boost production activities and invest heavily in facility expansion and new products. More than a quarter of the surveyed companies said they will increase the number of employees by over 7% in the following year, 21% of the companies will increase 4%-6%, and 28% will increase 1%-3%.


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