Increased U.S. Supply from Yokohama image

Yokohama Tire Corp. plans a U.S. supply boost for 2012, but not as the company previously envisioned. Although 2011 brought a strong demand, the company wasn’t able to fully supply their dealer partners and allocate product as efficiently as they should have.

That is why, Yokohama plans to increase the 2012 supply in the U.S., although they will be limited in some areas. More product flow will be expected from the combination of offshore and expansion of their Salem, Va., factory.

Some of the new products to be released are the grand touring Avid Ascend, with the orange oil technology, and the new zero-pressure Avid ENVigor ZPS, which launched February 1st.

“The orange oil technology is distinctive because it enables us to blend natural and synthetic rubber to form a new compound that offers better mileage, fuel efficiency and traction without giving up any other benefits,” said Dan King, Yokohama Tire Corp.’s senior vice president of sales and marketing.

This year the company focuses on their Advantage Associate Dealer Program, which will add some enhancements making sales easier, more effective and better for the dealers. Yokohama helped create this type of dealer program, which is considered one of the top programs in the market.