INDEN-Design Ferrari 430 Spider image

The Tuner INDEN has specialized himself on the dressing of upscale sports cars. Based on the Ferrari F430 INDEN-Design remakes a special edition of this car, which assured with design and engine power. The Ferrari F430 from INDEN-Design is cespecially characterising of a technology which was putted to the acid test for many test-kilometer.
At the front the Tuner from Haiger put up a modified front-spoiler. Because of this design a aerodynamic is being produced, which the wind flow of the car influenced positive. The side-flaps are a muscular sign. The attached parts, like the carbon-diffusor and the rear valance make the sport optics perfect.
The wheels with the dimensions 8,5×20 (235/30 R20) inches and 12×20 inches were assembled with 325/25 R20 high performance tires. These provide controllable speeds on sports car level. A few millimetres closer to the ground makes the F430 a INDEN-Design sport spring set, which is a modified curve by progressively wound spring coils a reasonably acceptable hardness.
The stainless steel-made sport exhaust system with damper control and Kat replacement tubes in conjunction with a new engine electronics coaxed 35 horsepower extra. The stainless steel exhaust system has a damper control which is either through back pressure control automatically opens or closes. If you want you can open and close it by remote control.