Independent design for Varok concept is more revolutionary than anything VW has done in the past two decades image

We all know the largest European automaker – and possibly the biggest in the world this year – has a huge issue with its design language.

While people appreciate the tradition granted by not changing anything from one generation to another – specialists tend to disagree with this sort of thinking that places innovation at the bottom of the to do list. Even internal voices are starting to come out – recently a member of the VW Atlas design team called the model “boring”. Maybe they just need an infusion of youth and enthusiasm.


For example, French students Valentin Fuchs (responsible for the exterior design) and Pierre Joveneaux (responsible for the 3D modeling), interns at Volkswagen, are coming up with an interesting proposition. It’s called the VW Varok and this model comes in the form of the ultimate everyday utility vehicle – because it’s transformable from a pickup to shooting brake, and back.


“The goal of this project was to imagine how Volkswagen could enter in the Australian market with a ute vehicle (low and powerful pickup),” said Valentin. Models such as the Vauxhall Maloo and Volvo XC90 were among the inspirers – actually combining their singular traits into a single vehicle. Go for the shooting brake experience and the Varok can haul five persons and luggage in comfort, or go for the utilitarian truck bed and three persons and a small dirt bike and a surfboard or two can be hauled around.

  • NitzMan

    Damn, I want those wheels!