We’re a little weary of the fact the idea comes from a Russian designer – with all the NATO/Russia skirmishes – but we still find the idea of a nuclear-powered supercar quite enticing.

If you talk to scientists, more than one will tell you the only quick way today to ditch fossil fuel dependence altogether is opting for nuclear fusion. In translation, nuclear fusion is the process of bonding atomic nuclei together – this is the thing that keeps every star in the universe alive. It’s great because it needs very little fuel to deliver immense quantities of energy. We’re not using it yet because we’re not able to control the process – but if we had a breakthrough in that direction just a handful of small fusion power stations would deliver energy enough for the entire planet – and all that without releasing those pesky emissions. Designer Grigory Gorin believes this is also possible in a car – the Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro. Mesarthim is an eerie complex star system in the Aries constellation.

For the project we have a fusion reactor and some plasma injectors. Around them there’s equipment that generates steam via the reactor heat, needed to spool a turbine that drives a generator. That one takes care of electricity for batteries located at the front and along the sides of the car, with the pack delivering power to the wheel-mounted electric motors. There are also flywheels for acceleration and plasma injectors powering, with condensers reusing the steam – so this is a closed circuit.

Independent designer conceives Audi F-Tron nuclear-powered supercar 2

Then there’s the so-called ‘Solid Cage’ monocoque chassis, 3D-printed from a lightweight metal alloy, supported by polymers. The maintenance is done via removable panels. The chassis also has a control system, dubbed MHDS, or Magnetic Hydro-Dynamic System. Underneath the car is a flat-bottomed tank with magnetic fluid that is attracted to the magnetic road surface – delivering lots of downforce.


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