India car sales rise 6.7 percent in July on lower base image

The Indian auto market has welcomed all sorts of cars to cater the demands of its consumers. Despite the tough market conditions, the sales of cars in this nation have grown by 6.71 percent in July.

The Society of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers (SIAM) has released figures that states total 143,496 units of cars sold in July so far, which is more as compared to the last year’s record in the same month. The sales of cars have been increased due to the variations of diesel models. SIAM Director General Vishnu Mathur has said in his statement that this year’s car sales growth has been magnified by the low base of last year due to strike in Maruti.

Maruti Suzuki is the largest carmaker in India that had witnessed workers’ strike in June 2011 at its Manesar plant, leading to severe loss of to the company and delay of production. Vishnu Mathur has also added to his statement that the ongoing lockout at Manesar plant where Maruti cars produce will start impacting the industry’s numbers from July with further increase.

Excluding slight moderation in petrol prices, there is no other positive output witnessed last month to prompt growth. He shared his thoughts that reveal the need for a new finance minister who can take up steps in moderating the interest rates and reduction of petrol and diesel prices so that the market gains more demands among consumers. The sales of Maruti Suzuki rose by 8.32 percent to 56,851 units in the passenger car segment.