Aug.8 ( India is “not happy” with its new date on the updated provisional calendar for 2012.

On the original provisional schedule released by the FIA in June, India was slated to host its second grand prix at the new Buddh circuit in October.

But Bernie Ecclestone has admitted to re-jigging the order in order to accommodate Bahrain’s request for a later race date, with the result that India has reportedly moved to April.

“I am not happy with April because it’s going to be hot,” Indian motor sports clubs president Vicky Chandhok told Reuters.

“But if we have to go in April we will go. But I really think that the ideal dates for India are when it’s cooler. Maybe March or you go to October, November, December.”

The April switch also means that India, whose inaugural F1 race will be held in late October this year, will host two grands prix within 6 months.