The Indian army announced it plans to replace its aging Maruti Gypsy 4×4 models.

The army has already invited prototypes of SUVs from Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited and Nissan, as possible replacements for the dated Maruti Gypsy 4×4 models. After it will evaluate all prototypes on all the technical grounds, the army will invite price quotes from the automakers.

According to anonymous sources Tata has offered the army a model based on its Safari Storme platform, while Mahindra came with a prototype based on the flagship Scorpio SUV. Nissan, who also plans to become the Indian army’s new customer, offered a model developed on its X-Trail premium SUV platform.

The army will begin replacing its MAruti Gypsy models in a phased manner beginning with 2017, investing Rs. 3,000 crore for a 30,000 SUV fleet. Currently, the army has a fleet of 27,000 Maruti Gypsy vehicles. One of the main requirements made by the army is that the new model should fall in the 800 kg category, an increase from the 500 kg of Maruti Gypsy. The models should also be fitted with an 120 bhp or more diesel engine, and be Bharat Stage III and IV compliant.


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