Indian owner of Jaguar protests with… donkeys image

Disgruntled owners are all over the world, and the pricier the car gets, the bigger are the chances that extreme measures would be taken if the owner becomes seriously upset about his car or the manufacturer.

While reports of battered and obliterated BMW’s, Porsches or Ferraris are rathere common, we have today one from India that is both funny and doesn’t involve destroying the actual car – in this instance a Jaguar XF.

While all over the world the sales of the jaguar Land Rover – now owned by India’s Tata Motors – have surged, so have the chances of something going terribly wrong and then spreading throughout the internet.

Rahul Thakar, the Indian owner of a Jaguar XF decided to protest at his local dealership… using donkeys. He is discontent of the company‘s service in the country – as his white XF with several mechanical problems were not solved at the local service.

So, to express his frustration, he decided to bring back the car there – pulled by donkeys, with the agricultural approach of the move enhanced by ballots of hay on the car – maybe to be sure the pulling donkeys don’t run out of “gas” before reaching their destination. There were also several homemade posters, with one stating that “it’s better to have a donkey than a Jaguar.”