Indian showroom owner prepares a manlier Dacia Duster image

A hotter version of the Dacia Duster has seen daylight first in an Indian car showroom and it managed to attract quite a lot of curious people.

When speaking about the Dacia Duster, “manly” is probably the last word coming into our minds but even so, this is an excellent vehicle which can handle the off-road and also the crowded streets of a city center. In order to attract more customers into his showroom, an Indian man has prepared an exterior package for the SUV born in Romania. The vehicle in question has been finished in an appealing blue and black shade and fitted with some interesting items.

The Dacia Duster pictured below has the so-called Ocean Blue and Matte Black finishes for its body, along with a new front bumper, new headlights with integrated LED daytime running lights, an exterior inflatable trunk and a new set of wheels, which stand at 20 inches in size. The model has also received tinted windows, new taillights and some exterior graphics. These are pretty much all the modifications made to this Indian Dacia Duster and if you were expecting a V6 under its hood, keep on dreaming.