Indonesian Auto Show: Daihatsu DN F-Sedan concept & DN Multisix image

You might remember Daihatsu – they were once quite common in Europe as well – and Toyota’s affordable brand remains quite popular in Asia and other parts of the world.

It’s only natural the marque has decided to showcase a powerful presence at the Indonesian Auto Show – visitors being able to have a look at two new concept vehicles packing suicide doors. First off we have the oddly named DN F-Sedan, with the name actually being misleading – it’s certainly not looking as dull as it sounds. The concept has numerous interesting features – from retractable door handles to cool taillights. Aside from not finding out why the company has given such a positively inglorious name, we did catch a few technical specifications. It’s a 4.2 meters-long sedan, with a 2.51-meter wheelbase, standing 1.69 meters wide and 1.43 meters tall. There are no B pillars and power is provided via a very smallish 1.2-liter gasoline engine matched by a continuously variable transmission.

Daihatsu revealed we might get to see it morph into a production model, as the company has said it’s mulling the perspective of entering a new segment – but we could actually see the other one having more prospects of becoming reality. The DN Multisix is a minivan but the brand could easily morph it into a regular crossover, and aside from the same front end as the sedan it comes with a three-row interior, huge panoramic glass roof and some angular exhaust tips.

Indonesian Auto Show Daihatsu DN F-Sedan concept & DN Multisix 1