China automobile production and sales will come to 17.05 million in 2010 and China will remain to be the world’s largest new vehicle market and the largest automobile production and sales country, according to the recently announced third in-depth study by an institute of China’s auto market index.

In view of China’s auto sales in the first four months and the new energy incentives as well as other relevant policies, the institute predicted that China automobile production and sales would break four marks of 14 million, 15 million, 16 million and 17 million and increase 25% to 17.05 million this year.

The reason for China auto market’s great potential of continuing to be the world’s No.1 is that the Chinese auto market is now driven by the state policy and Chinese economy, particularly by the economic boom.

Moreover, many authoritative institutions, including the World Bank, have predicted that China’s economic growth will be more than 10% in 2010, which will surely provide a good environment for development of the Chinese auto market this year.


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