IndyCar retains controversial engine change penalty for 2013 image

The IZOD IndyCar Series rulebook for 2013 includes a number of new regulations for competing teams.

By far the most controversial rule among fans is the engine change penalty, which has been retained for 2013. However, the scheduled lifetime of an engine will now be 2,000 miles, up from 1,850 in 2012. Any engine that fails to last this distance and has to be replaced will still incur a ten-place grid penalty for the car, although no penalties will be served in the Indianapolis 500. Instead, they will be deferred to Detroit the following weekend.

“After careful consideration and heavy debate, we believe our best option was to continue with the ten-spot grid penalty. We feel it is important to continue to be consistent with this penalty for both the long and short term,” IndyCar’s vice president of technology, Will Phillips, was quoted as saying by

In addition, any driver who user more than five engines during the season will not score any engine manufacturer points, although the will score in the drivers’ championship. “Our engine regulations were created to ensure cost-containment measures for both the manufacturers and teams, and those will continue in 2013,” Phillips explained.