Infiniti and Nissan might still produce the IDx, the BladeGlider and the Q50 Eau Rouge image

Nissan and Infiniti hasn’t given up on creating some exciting niche models such as the IDx, the BladeGlader and the Q50 Eau Rouge as we might get to see the three of them in a dealership.

The Japanese based automaker hasn’t forgotten on the production versions of the IDx, the BladeGlider and the Q50 Eau Rouge but that doesn’t mean that these have been confirmed. According to a recent report published by the three vehicles still have a pretty good chance of hitting the assembly line. The Nissan IDx, in its production version, is supposed to offer a modern successor to the Silvia and it will be an entry-level Z sports car. The model should pack a 1.2 liter and a 1.6 liter supercharged engines under its hood and it is said to be assembled from late 2017.

The BladeGlider is said to raise the standards as this will become the “best handling production car in the world”. We are not sure if it will maintain its 1+2 seating layout or the 30:70 weight distribution but one thing is for sure, it will be getting a very aggressive exterior design which will make it instantly recognizable. Last but not least, the Q50 Eau Rouge, which is also probably the best known out of the three, but its future is more uncertain. However, featuring it in a variety of images and videos might mean that the company hasn’t forgotten about it and that it has some big plans for it.