Infiniti Q30’s interior design shown image

Infiniti has released the first official image with the interior design of the new Q30.

With less than a couple of weeks until the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show will be officially opening its gates, Infiniti is ready to pull the wraps off the new Q30. But before this will happen, the company is starting the teasing game. However, unlike any other teasers released. This is actually showing us part of the interior design of the crossover.

The Infiniti Q30 has been developed using the Mercedes-Benz MFA platform, the same one used on the A-Class and CLA, and GLAmeaning that it will be taking on models such as the Audi A3, the BMW 1-Series and others in the segment. The switchgear and interior components shown in the photo posted above are sourced from the Mercedes-Benz catalogue and these include the climate control systems, the steering wheel buttons, the power-window switches, the instrument binnacle and so on.

The model will come with an appealing exterior design with a familiar front grille, slender headlights, a slightly sloping roofline, new double five-spoke wheels and some chrome trim. The leaked image with its exterior design was said to show the 2.2d version of the vehicle, meaning that it is coming with the Mercedes-Benz sourced engine which, in the Q50, is rated at 170 HP (125 kW) and 400 Nm (295 lb-ft) of torque, connectable to a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic transmission. The Infiniti Q30 will be put together in Sunderland, at the Nissan facility, along with the QX30 crossover.