Infiniti Centre Hamburg takes part at the 2nd HAMBURG ART WEEK (June 1st-10th) with its own art exhibition.

The first edition of HAMBURG ART WEEK took place last year in Hamburg, and this year’s edition spotlights another German cultural and art center, the Hanseatic City, which will display international artists in private and public galleries.

This year, Infiniti Centre Hamburg will not only be a funding body, but will also contribute with its own international Infiniti Digital Art Competition, with photographs of the famous Jacques Cochin displayed at the Infiniti Centre Hamburg, between June 4th and 9th. With this Digital Art Competition, Infiniti proves encourages talent worldwide, trying to discover the rising stars of digital art from the entire world.

The company invites anyone to create innovative and spectacular designs, which reflect the company’s products, in the form of digital art. Participants can choose from two categories: external projection and interior display. In internal display includes computer-generated videos, images and sculptures, and in external projection participants must express their creativity through 2D and 3D projections. All submitted work must meet 2 key requirements: to include an Infiniti car at the heart of the masterpiece and a clear demonstration of the automaker’s Japanese DNA.


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