Infiniti teases new Q80 Inspiration concept image

Ahead of the expected unveiling during this year’s Paris Motor Show in October, the Japanese premium brand has treated us to a teaser of its expected upcoming flagship sedan.

The last Infiniti flagship was launched 25 years ago, in 1989 – with the Q45 model lasting until 2006 then followed by the M series. That line-up has actually changed its name to the Q70 – with the Paris motor show bringing a facelift, diesel engine sourced from Mercedes-Benz and a long wheelbase version. Above all that the automaker will slot the large series the new Q80 Inspiration concept previews.

“The intent of the low-slung, ingeniously aggressive four-passenger fastback,” says the latest statement, “is to demonstrate to the premium world just how Infiniti aims to play its part.”

“A flashpoint for the company’s intuitive human-centric style and onboard technological ambition, the Q80 Inspiration long-legged fastback proves that Infiniti intends to drive in and disturb the status quo, ” continues the carmaker’s statement.

So, from the mysterious teaser we can see the concept seems to preview a model that will go after Mercedes-Benz CLS or Audi A7 clients, rather than traditionalists like the S-Class or BMW 7 Series. Also, Infiniti revealed no additional details, so we’re left in the dark when it comes to the interior or powertrain options.