Infiniti to Create Luxury Rival for the Nissan Leaf image

The fact that Infiniti has created an EV based on the Nissan Leaf technology, means that more automakers will adopt the standard process of induction charging for their vehicles.

Infiniti’s new electric vehicle will have a different exterior and interior design than that of the Nissan Leaf, and will be used to present induction technology, which no longer makes use of charging cables. Infiniti tries to convince automakers to develop on an open source basis the induction technology, instead of making individual investments in their own systems.

“The whole concept of not having to couple up cables to a plug socket, dragging them on the ground and on you as you go, is in keeping with luxury motoring,” said Infiniti boss Andy Palmer. “It is this technology we want to shine a light on, so while there is no world standard on methods, the roll-out will be dependent on region.”

On another matter, several days ago the very first unit of the brand new Infiniti Q50, aimed towards the Malaysian auto market, has recently rolled off the production line in Japan. The model has been produced in Japan, in the Tochigi facility, and the ceremony has been presided by Carlos Ghosn, the president and CEO of Nissan, and by Johan de Nysschen, the Infiniti president.