Infiniti’s supercar may hit the market in 2018 – report image

Infiniti is planning to launch its flangship supercar somewhere in 2017 – 2018, Autocar news magazine reported on Saturday, citing some internal sources.

On the same time, according to the same source, the automaker still hasn’t decided whether the car should have a front or a mid-engined layout.

“We are still evaluating the layout,” Infiniti’s European boss, Fintan Knight, told Autocar. “It is still on the table for a decision. The same goes for the powertrain.”

Inifiniti, Nissan’s premium carmaker showed the Emerg-e concept around the world, a concept that is was based on the Lotus Evora platform and is intended (most probably) to show the lines of what its supercar should be; a concept that is capable to hit 100km/h in just 4.8 seconds.
Power comes from two electric motors, one powering each rear wheel, producing a total of 402 bhp (300 kW; 408 PS) with 738 lb•ft (1,001 N•m) of torque, and providing acceleration to 60 mph or 100km/h in just four seconds.

The vehicle is capable to go for about 50km in electric mode only, after which a Lotus-derived 3-cylinder 1200cc petrol engine kicks in to recharge the lithium-ion battery pack. As expected the car can also be plugged in to recharge.

Anyway, whatever the real vehicle would look like, and what type of propulsion will have, Infiniti first will fill-up the gap in its range of sedans and SUV’s (maybe even a brake model or something in the coming years; something similar to the Jaguar XJ but based on the upcoming Q50) which is expanding steadily but still lags behind its German and British rivals.

The automaker in near to launch its new Q50 sedan, a vehicle that will hit allot of competition from some well-known vehicles like the C-Class or the 3-Series from BMW.