Infinity QX80 Monograph is coming to New York image

Infiniti has decided to act mysterious – just as any good teaser should be – with regards to the arrival of the QX80 Monograph model at the upcoming New York Auto Show this April.

The entire press release is actually smaller than a tweet: “Huge unveil. 11 April 2017. New York.” Fortunately, a picture paints a thousand words… sort of speak. The QX80 has apparently been modified completely at the front – using QX Sport Inspiration Concept as, well inspiration, at least for the headlights. The LED headlights are now situated higher, the hood comes with a more sculptural design and even the windshield appears to wrap around further – while the bumper gets a massive intake at the corner. The QX80 Monograph’s different styling goes against the current of seeing facelifted models look exactly the same as before (we’re looking at you, VW Golf).

This might also be a complete new concept that serves as a preview for an upcoming completely new generation. We could also see Infiniti further set its model apart from the corporate sibling, the new Nissan Armada. The current QX80 has a 5.6-liter V8 putting out 400 horsepower (298 kilowatts) and a seven-speed automatic gearbox as the only option. The customer can only select if the power gets sent to the rear or to all wheels.