Infotainment systems trigger intense battles among suppliers image

With the advent of the Internet connected car and since the next generation of drivers places connectivity high on their priority list when shopping for a new car, no wonder the rivalry among suppliers has grown when it comes to supplying the ultimate infotainment system.

The dashboard seems to be a true battlefield for the companies that fight to put the brains and the technology into the ever more sophisticated infotainment systems. While many studies and quality surveys point the finger at the complicated systems, automakers and suppliers have no intention on backing down and reverting to more traditional systems.

And that’s because the same clients that blame them also request feature-rich infotainment systems – according to analysts at IHS Automotive, the western European market for such complex amenities (mostly using 4.5 inches and above displays) is set to climb from today’s 2.5 billion euros to at least 3 billion euros in 2020. The forecaster also predicts that as more buyers ask for smartphone-like connectivity and usability, the usage of these more expensive systems (they’re usually optional) is set to jump from 20 to 40% during the same period in the region.

Global players when it comes to the underlying software are QNX, a subsidiary of the struggling Blackberry, the all-mighty Microsoft and the open-sourced Linux.

Via Autoomotive News Europe