Initial Ringed-out Lexus LFA is set at $445,000 image

What if you get among the best cars that you might have ever expected? Well, if you are looking for such supercar, with amazing features and power, then you should better take a look at the Lexus LFA. There are many cars that are standing on the same range and may offer perfect features to lure one to buy. However, this never-ending competition has been again pinched by this car company named Lexus by bringing the outfitted model with the Nurburgring package. This car will cost minimum $445,000.

The new package that is the Nurburgring pack, actually adds $70,000 to the starting price, which makes the final cost to stand at $375,000. Well, the destination is yet to be finalized. There will be one more add of money that is $20,000 just to adorn this model in matte black. Well, the three different paint that are black, orange and white will not possess any kind of additional charges. No wonder, Lexus car lovers will have to wait until 2012 model, as these paints are available during the year 2010. The car boasts among the most athletic Japanese cars that might have ever made in the world. With this, the car is also roaring to be a powerful racer.

The reason behind the Ringed-out LFA’s activeness is the additional 10 horsepower that brings an output to some 562 horsepower, coming out of the 4.8-liter V10 engine. The car is 0.05 second faster as compared to the regular model, making its shifts even faster to some 0.15 second. Lexus has made limited edition of Nurburgring with exact 50 examples that are set for sale out of complete 500 LFAs all over the world. Some of the other enhancements made in this car are a sport-tuned suspension, high-grip tires, and the black mesh wheels. Besides this, there is also a larger spoiler that is fixed in front and a wing that is attached in the rear.


The Lexus division group vice president and general manager – Mark Templin said that the driving enthusiasts will also appreciate the Nürburgring package’s performance enhancements that were proven on the legendary German track. In addition to this, the Nurburgring approaches with a night at a hotel that is at the ‘Ring. Plus, private training along with a circuit instructor, a jacket, as well as 1-year pass for the Nordschleife will be available. So get ready, to enjoy this weekend’s 24-hour race with the Lexus LFA. In the meantime, if the enthusiasts want to juice up a sporty flavor in their regular driving then you must know that Lexus is now cutting its prices for many of the packages.

One can enjoy the promotion that is set to run from 1st June to 31st July 2010. In this, the cost of some of the packages is:
• The F Sport suspension kit during promotion will cost $1,450 that will save your $549
• The kit as well as the wheels and tires of the car will cost $4,495, which ultimately saves $1,499
• The kit along with all of the aforesaid upgrades and the brake upgrades as well, will be charged $8,995 that will save $1,479.