Intel to Invest $100 mln in Car Technology Development image

Intel Corporation, the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor chip maker plans to invest $100 million in future technology for the car, which it calls the “ultimate mobile device.”

The fund will be allocated over the next three to five years to researchers and companies that can create new in-car user experiences built upon Intel technology.

According to the US giant, among the areas in which the new fund will invest are in-vehicle “infotainment” systems and apps; advanced driver-assistance systems such as GPS and night vision; and capabilities including speech and gesture recognition and eye tracking.

Once the car becomes connected, it can also communicate with the cloud, the transportation infrastructure and even other vehicles to provide additional services such as advanced driver assistance and real-time traffic information to optimize the flow of traffic.

“The car is the ultimate mobile device. By 2014, automobiles will be among the top three fastest-growing areas for connected devices and Internet content., Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division General Manager Staci Palmer said.

Truth be told, consumers are already carrying their high tech gadgets in the car and more often than not they even use them while driving.