Interesting render styling exercise sees classic race liveries on contemporary vehicles image

Coming courtesy of the same petrolheads that were kind enough to celebrate the Batman v Superman action flick with the we have now another ten cars imagined as BTCC participants with classic motorsport liveries.

While the supercars for superheroes edition was for the broad fan base, this time around this episode will test our motorsport and automotive world knowledge credentials – as we have ten up to snuff models imagined as BTCC participants painted in very classic liveries. As such we can see the eagerly awaited but much delayed Alfa Romeo Giulia take a red racing suit that is well known to Alfistas. There’s also a lovely imaginary Volvo V90 wagon adopting the scheme of the iconic 850 – which was Volvo’s choice for the company’s British Touring Car Championship debut way back in April 1994. The Mercedes C Class racer needs no introduction as it’s one of the most renowned DTM models.

Of course another model that has massive credentials is the BMW 3 Series, which here uses as a foundation the colorful livery designed by Jeff Koons back in 2010 on the M3 GT2. The German triumvirate is completed by the latest A4 adopting a Silver Arrow livery as the one used back in 1996 by the A4 of the B5 generation. The Ford Mondeo comes with a blue and yellow design as a recall of the 2000 winning model that triumphed in the BTCC season. Completing the panel are the Honda Civic Concept, the new generation Megane Estate, the rather dated Peugeot 508 sedan and the oldest representative on the list – the Vauxhall Insignia.