Interestingly, a new study says the conventional gas engine is close to extinction image

If you’re a sci-fi fan besides an automotive passionate, you may have noticed a trend: humans tend to be highly imaginative and bold when it comes to predictions about their near or distant future.

Numerous forecasts panned that in the beginning of the XXI century we would be having flying cars and readily accessible interplanetary travel for everyone – but there’s actually one lesson to be learned: radical changes need time. Even though most analysts and industry experts do agree that the auto industry is today morphing at an unprecedented pace, we advise you to take the following prediction with a healthy dose of disbelief. A recent Navigant Research report, which has analyzed sales trends to come up with predictions spanning a decade claims that by 2017 – which is just around the corner – less than 50% of all US automobiles will be powered by simple, conventional gasoline engines. The report has examined the emerging global market for fuel improving technologies, the consumer demand and regulatory background – providing a report on the approach of the global automakers, suppliers, and other industry players on the evolution of the market for lighter and more efficient vehicles and technologies.

The actual underlying statement of the report is that even though America’s roads won’t be full of hybrids and electric cars, carmakers will essentially move to explore and introduce numerous technologies aimed at increasing fleet-wide fuel economy. And the study also doesn’t pan a winner: the market will be assaulted instead by a high mix of vehicles using superchargers, turbochargers, hybrid systems, electric systems, fuel cell technology and others to meet customer demand and the new federal standards on fuel economy.

Via Business Insider