Internal probe on ignition switch recall clears GM’s top executives image

Just as we reported yesterday, the report that offered the conclusions of an internal investigation led by outside law firms on the conduct of the company and personnel in regards to the ignition switch recall, has spared GM’s top brass.

The report was ordered back in March by GM CEO Mary Barra after the recall issued in February on some popular models like the Chevrolet Cobalt and Saturn Ion revealed that 2.6 million cars were equipped with a defective ignition switch that was linked to at least 13 fatalities.

CEO Mary Barra best described the corporate culture that dominated GM for years, in which responsibility for problems was largely passed on, with the review further describing many issues, from GM engineers shortcomings to the failure to understand “how the car was built.”

The “GM nod” is the name, she said, “when everyone nods in agreement to a proposed plan of action, but then leaves the room and does nothing,” according to the document.

The 325-page report on the internal probe will soon be the subject of more congressional hearings, and has revealed how for at least 11 years the company has simply chosen to overlook the problem that took lives, pinning most of the blame on lower level employees and clearing the senior executives of any prior knowledge of the situation.

Via Reuters