International Turbine Industries Buys Part of the Old GM Willow Run Building image

The Old GM Willow Run Company Vehicle Operations building will be bought by International Turbine Industries.

“We’re delighted that ITI selected this property for its planned expansion, which will bring welcomed new jobs to the community,” RACER Trustee Elliott P. Laws said in a statement.

International Turbine Industries is an aircraft maintenance company which was founded in 2009 and is located near Old GM Willow Rub building, in Ypsilanti Township. The company wants to purchase the building and use it to expand its parts and engine repair business. The building covers a 23,000-square-foot area, and is only part of the entire site.

The company currently has 10 employees but plans to add 25 more in the following five years and invest $50,000 to improve and repair the building. A deal should be signed before July, according to Bill Callen, a RACER Trust spokesman. The ITI owners Mark and Rhonda Andrews also plan to expand in other states.

“RACER offered me an affordable opportunity to invest close to home, in an area we know very well, and I’m very excited not just for Rhonda and me, but also for the people we work with now and those who will be joining our team in the near future,” Mark Andrews said in a statement.