Introducing the 2012 Renault Samsung SM7 mid-size luxury sedan image

You might be aware of Renault Samsung Motors, a South Korean automobile manufacturer who started selling cars since 1998.

Due to the Asian financial crisis, this manufacturer entered partnership program with Renault who captured a majority of stake (70 percent for $512 million in 2000).

Their power plant is based in South Korea and this time they have come up with the Renault Samsung SM7.

The Renault Samsung SM7 is actually a mid-size luxury sedan which is produced by none other than the Renault Samsung Motors. This model is now based on Nissan Teana as well as the sixth generation Nissan Maxima sold in North America. Previously, the model has been based on the Nissan J3 1 platform as well.

Despite whatever has happened until now, the new car is set for the 2012 model year and has underwent a complete revamp program with a new interior and exterior design and also a new powertrain lineup.
The overall efforts put by the group seem fruitful until now.



By Sunita Mandal