After a four-month investigation on the accident which killed Paul Walker, officials concluded that the cause was excessive speed and not mechanical failure.

According to the final report, the red 2005 Porsche Carrera GT sports car that was driven by Roger Rodas,Walker’s friend, was going “between 80 and 93 mph(129 to150 kilometers per hour) at the time the car impacted a power pole and several trees.” The speed limit on Santa Clarita, California, northwest of Los Angeles, is 45 mph(72 mph).

“Investigators determined the cause of the fatal solo-vehicle collision was unsafe speed for the roadway conditions,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Commander Mike Parker said in a statement.

According to Paker, the high-performance vehicle had been modified to reach a higher speed, still there were no mechanical issues which might have caused the crash. Investigators used the security video cameras in that area, as there were no eyewitnesses.

“No eyewitness contacted the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to say there was a second vehicle and there is no evidence to indicate there was a second car involved in the collision. Video recorded by several security cameras on nearby buildings helped skilled investigators to determine the cause of the collision and that no speed contest was taking place.”


In an official press release Porsche North America said:

We appreciate the meticulous analysis by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the California Highway Patrol. It is a sad day for us whenever anyone is injured in one of our cars, and this was a particularly tragic event. At the same time, the results of the investigation show that, according to all the available evidence, this crash was caused by dangerous driving at speeds much too high for the road in question.

There is also evidence that this particular vehicle had been altered from its original design state and had not been maintained properly. However, there is no evidence of any mechanical malfunction. We stand by our Carrera GT and by the investigation and conclusions of the responsible authorities.


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