Investigation of Fuel Leaks Exceeds to 2.7M Ford F-150s image

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is gearing up to investigate the problem that includes 2.7 million pickups from the model year 1997-2001.

A statement from Ford that the gas tanks are breaking loose on F-150 pickups does not seem to spark any movement to the motor vehicle safety. The action of this agency came aboard after the news of 243 cases where gas tanks on F-150s were broke free and hauled on the ground as well. Only one report made by Ford is included in all the reports, which states that a fire broke out in the area and destroyed the vehicle. However, no injuries is been reported. Also, nine reports were filed for the gas tanks that caused sparks.

At present, the agency is probing at the potential problem last fall when the preliminary evaluation was opened. Ford in November’s letter has stated that the rate of strap failure was extremely low and more than 80 percent of strap fracture reports that were identified do not show any resultant fuel leak. Ford has said to the agency that during the event, the tank made ground contact where the customers were already aware through the related noise; they again indicated and then planned their vehicle to a safe location. But the agency has asked for more information. N.H.T.S.A. said that out of 243 incidents, only 95 were familiar, as per the document published on the agency website.

A Ford spokesman, Wesley Sherwood has said that the automaker was assisting the agency with its upgraded safety investigation. The report says that the tank was dropped and its weight could have strained the hoses as well as fittings that caused separation leading to fuel leaks. This leaking gasoline has created fire hazard and was increased due to the presence of sparks generated from the metal tanks. There is no guarantee of the recall for the new actions.

Written by Sunita Mandal