Investindustrial the Buyer of Half of Aston Martin? image

Investindustrial is likely to announce the purchase of half of Aston Martin today, December 7th.

“It’s probable that there will be an announcement,” said an anonymous source, declining to elaborate on what the deal would entail. “It’s not 100 percent certain, but it’s probable.”

Although there are rumors that Mahindra & Mahindra pulled out of the race due to Aston Martin and Investment Dar’s financial situation, nobody can confirm that this is 100% true. Last month, Investindustrial offered almost 250 million pounds ($400 million) for a 50% stake in Aston Martin and also a technical partnership with Daimler’ Mercdes-Benz. The luxury motor brands are not a new territory for Investindustrial, which bought Ducati in 2006 and then sold it for almost 860 million euro in April 2012 to Audi.

Ford purchased Aston Martin in 1987 and then sold it to Investment Dar Inc, a company located in Kuwait, for $925 million in 2007. Now Investment Dar plans to reorganize its debt by selling 64% share in Aston Martin for $800 million, a deal which caught the attention of four big companies: Mahindra&Mahindra, Geely, Toyota and Investindustrial. Hopefully by the end of this day we will find out who will be the owner of half of luxury sports cars maker Aston Martin.