Investor Group interested in buying Fisker image

The ailing U.S. manufacturer specialized in alternative propulsion could see its destiny ruled by a group of investors, led by the Hamburg lawyer Ingo Voigt, who offered $25 million for the company.

The manufacturer of the plug-in Karma sedan is insolvent; the production is at a standstill for over a year so now is a good time for those with the money to break a sweet deal for the manufacturer – but more importantly for its technology.

Voigt and his colleagues Hendrik Klein and Sören Müller from the Frankfurt-based investment company Fritz AG Nol see eye-to eye in their redevelopment concept for Fisker and plan to relocate production to the USA. Untill the summer of 2012, the cars were built by Valmet in Finland.

The investors don’t want to buy Fisker and sell it later at a profit, but rather renovate and save the company and they have the plans already laid out to do it: find the necessary investors and then build the Karma sedan in small batches right in the USA – 2500 would be an efficient starting number. Then, new models could be thought – starting maybe with a convertible.