iPhone Google Maps Better Than Android? image

New York Times reviewer David Pogue said that Google believes its Google Maps for iPhone is better than the same app on Android.

This is quite a bold affirmation, but is it also true? Is the Google Maps for Apple’s iOS superior to Google’s native version for Android? The answer is: It depends on what it’s used for. Although both apps offer the same maps, same results, voice guide, public transit routes, turn-by-turn navigation, 3D maps and street view, these are different apps.

Apple’s iOS version offers a clean and quick deliver of the required navigation data, instantly guiding users with its search bar along the top. The app also has a button for saved locations, saving users time and spearing them from repeatedly entering the same addresses. Although the Android version also has this feature, it is hidden under its home screen, making it more difficult to be used by the less savvy smartphone users. Apple’s iOS version is more intuitive and cleaner compared with the Android version.

But the Andoid has its advantages too, such as the offline maps at an exclusive perk, terrain maps, indoor maps and bicycle-route overlays. The app also offers smoother zooming and panning, default maps-app status and enhanced functionality while running in the background.

While Apple’s iOS offers its customers an intuitive user experience and a better user interface, the Android app focuses on customization and power-user functionality.