Iran does not want Chevrolet cars to be imported anymore image

Iran has banned GM’s Chevrolet models from import, as its Supreme Leader criticized the US-made models brought into the country.

Even if the United States and world powers reached a nuclear deal with Iran last year and the economic sanctions on the country were lifted in January, it does not mean the relationships have completely eased up. It appears that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is not a huge fan of American cars, especially Chevrolet ones. “Even the Americans are not interested in buying such cars because of their weight and high fuel consumption,” Khamenei was quoted by his official website, as telling hundreds of workers in Tehran. “Why should we import the cars from a bankrupt American factory? This is very odd.”

Following such criticisms, a local news agency reported that an official in the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said that a 7-million-dollar order of some 200 Chevrolet cars should be cancelled. “The person who has registered the car orders has been informed that their import is not allowed. The cars are not in the country yet and were only loaded to be shipped to Iran,” the official was quoted as saying.

After lifting the sanctions, Iran has allowed only a few foreign brands to be imported so far, such as BMW, Hyundai, Porsche and initially Chevrolet. But GM’s unit has now been scrapped from the “green” list. There are some carmakers that already said they were eager to re-tie auto-partnerships with the country, such as Renault, while others have already made this step, such as Peugeot.

Via Reuters