Mulally, which not only made a huge fortune as Ford’s CEO, but also saved the automaker from the brink of collapse is ready to take on a new challenge.

While there are as many ideas as there are analysts about where the soon to be retired CEO is going next (as he repeatedly said he’s not ready to sit idle and enjoy his money) after June 30, one very interesting idea is to be considered.

Because of its huge Ford fortune, Mulally is not bound to the next job – at least not the next best paid one – as his talents of rethinking a famously dysfunctional company culture – could be used in the public benefit.

There’s one public job that promises lousy payment, bad work hours, and huge amount of stress – the secretary of US Veterans Affairs. That would pose a huge challenge – which the executive is famously searching for when looking at new jobs.

“A turnaround expert with a record of changing a dysfunctional culture? That’s pretty close to the job description the White House has in mind for someone to head the VA,” said USA Today Washington bureau chief Susan Page. “The problem is not only running a massive bureaucracy. It’s also injecting a sense of urgency and a willingness to try new ways of doing things.”

The Veteran Affairs is one big Achilles heal in the Obama administration, as there’s lots of low morale involved, seriously outdated technology and also many executives bound to a corporate style culture of hiding, and not resolving problems.


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