Is GM going too far with recalls? image

With federal probes coming from everywhere, lawsuits pouring in and a tally of recalls that seems to never end, General Motors looks a lot shaken than it did at the start of the year.

Back then, in January, the No.1 US automaker was just fresh out of government ownership – after the Federal treasury sold the remainder of the stakes owned in December and the first female in the industry was leading as the new CEO.

Then it all came down on their heads, as the late February recall of some 2.6 million cars equipped with defective ignition switches proved to be incredibly late. Now, the worldwide total of cars and trucks with problems the automaker is attempting to resolve has grown to 15.2 million.

It certainly looks like the executive team now wants to jump the gun and voluntarily call back any single defective car – before any federal authority could have the time to say they were late on that too.

On the other hand, these moves – no less than nine recalls were announced since last Thursday are wearing down on consumer faith and patience. A survey on points to shoppers being 51% less confident of the overall safety record of the industry in the US, after five days earlier the tally was at 44%.