A major security slipup could have taken place at BMW if these files are the real deal – as they were provided by an insider and they allegedly represent the front and rear ends of the high performance 2018 BMW M5.

The upcoming evolution of the new generation M5 sedan has already been seen out and about testing but wearing heavy camouflage – so this is the first time we could be looking at a better view via these computer-aided design (CAD) files obtained by the folks from “The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast.” This could be the real deal, since they acquired them from a BMW insider, but then again, we should all take this with a pinch of salt just to be sure. Not overly flashy from what we can see, the aggressive performance sedan looks ready to take the fight to the upcoming Mercedes-AMG E63 Sedan.

It appears the M5 will for the first time receive an xDrive option and under the fleshed hood should be found a reworked iteration of the biturbo 4.4-liter V8 engine. It could surge in the M5 (F90) to a new height of 626 hp if we were to believe the rumor mill. But purists will be saddened to find that according to BMW M GmbH President Frank van Meel there’s no need to offer the model with a manual gearbox as there’s no demand for it.

Via camvanderhorst.kinja.com




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