Israeli startup tries to “reinvent” the wheel for electric autos image

A technology startup that has devised a new suspension system is trying the proverbial “wheel reinvention” procedure, aiming to construct it as a more efficient, durable and lighter assembly to be used in upcoming electric cars.

Softwheel’s new technology can lower the energy losses, also taking in road shocks to provide a more comfortable ride. They have currently developed and employed the new technology with a focus on bicycles and wheelchairs, but chief executive officer Daniel Barel said its applications could range from cranes, airplane landing gear, mass transit and eventually cars and trucks. The executive, speaking during the Bloomberg New Energy Finance conference in New York on Wednesday, claims the technology is “superior, smaller and lighter” than that used in today’s tire and suspension systems and “dramatically reduces costs” when it’s broken, by lowering downtime of maintenance and equipment usage. The Tel Aviv-based company is now mulling associations with auto manufacturers, hinting that initially they would most likely concentrate on smaller partners, likely implicated in the business of producing electric vehicles.

Lifting the efficiency of electric cars is a major issue for both manufacturers and potential clients, and any move towards lighter autos means the battery range increases without any modifications to the powertrain. Having sufficient range has become one of the critical choices of adoption for buyers of green vehicles, as the infrastructure to recharge electric cars is still in its inception and batteries typically require large amounts of time to be fully recharged. The latest Tesla Model S version, with the premium sedan a champion of the electric market in terms of range, starts with the 70D variant that can go for 240 miles (386 kilometers) between charges.

Via Bloomberg