It’s official: New Jersey to host Formula 1 grand prix in 2013 image

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has put an end on the rumor which had hit the internet in the past weeks, finally announcing that the city will host a Formula 1 grand prix in 2013 on a street circuit.

According to the governor, there are plans to develop a Formula 1 street circuit will enter the 2013 competition calendar after a signed agreement with Bernie Ecclestone. The New Jersey official says that the “local” grand prix will be held on a circuit of 5.12 km long which will be arranged on the Port Imperial public roads, close to the Hudson River.

“I’m pleased that New Jersey will play host to Formula One beginning 2013, bringing one of the world’s most popular and exciting sports right to our backyard. Up to 100.000 people are expected to attend each race, starting with practice Friday, qualifying on Saturday and racing on Sunday, said the New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

From 2013, the United States will host two Formula One races each year, after Texas will also host the Austin Grand Prix starting November 2012.