Season 19 of the popular car show Top Gear might come sooner than originally announced after the crew has started filming new episodes.

Top Gear UK Season 19 should have started in early 2013 but after Jeremy Clarkson, one of the three presenters, has officially announced on its Twitter account that the crew is already working on new episodes, we might see Season 19 sooner than expected. Jeremy Clarkson wrote on his Twitter account that he hopes that Top Gear will be back on TV this fall, but unfortunately that won’t happen because Sundays will be filled by “fat people singing”, which is Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor in Clarkson’s language.

“I would like to come back on TV in fall, but then Sundays will be filled by fat people singing”, said Jeremy Clarkson on his official Twitter account.

Even if Top Gear may not come back with Season 19 until early 2013, we will at least get one new episode for Christmas, another Christmas special. Britain’s Got Talent was watched by up to 11 million people every edition while Top Gear UK managed to pull 5 million Brits in front of their television sets. As a quick reminder, UK Top Gear began back in 1977 as a conventional motoring magazine show. In 2002 the show was launched in the current format and since then it’s being presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, along with The Stig.


  1. Great news, we over in the US have been hanging out for a new season of your show. It will be eagerly awaited,we just love the format of the show and the sometimes irreverant and alway humourous remarks made by your 3 presenters. The US version is just a shadow of Top Gear UK. Keep up the good work lads.

  2. The best show in the USA & the world for that matter. I'm a professional singer myself yet totally agree with Mr. Clarkson…enough with the singing competition shows already! Let's have fun with horsepower!

  3. Great!!! I'm eager to see what Jeremy and his crew are up to next season.
    And please Jeremy….stop comparing yourself to fat singers!!!!!
    Evan from Beek in Holland


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