There have been quite a few fingers pointed lately towards a lot of the major global automakers, accusing them of using emissions cheating devices; and Nissan is one of those under scrutiny.

The South Korean authorities have spoiled Nissan’s party on the occasion of its buying a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi by blaming the automaker of rigging emissions figures in its Qashqai crossover diesels. The officials also threatened the company with fines, recalls and complaints with prosecutors. Nissan said its 814 Qashqais sold in Korea have been correctly homologated as required by the regulators.

Any suggestion that we have not complied with regulations and are illegally controlling gas emissions is wrong”, Jonathan Adashek, Chief Communications Officer, said in a statement. “The testing and conclusions reached by the Ministry of Environment are inconsistent with those of other regulators who have themselves carried out stringent testing. Authorities in the EU have concluded that the Nissan vehicles they tested – including the Qashqai – were fully compliant with homologation standards.”

These allegations come amid Mitsubishi’s struggle in Japan over the fuel-economy faked readings scandal. Furthermore, the automotive industry has also been hit lately by other emissions accusations, with the most recent ones involving Opel and Fiat in Germany.

Nissan has around 100 days to dispute the claims made by South Korea’s ministry and is weighing its options. “We are in the process of responding to the MOE about their findings and will continue to work transparently with them so they clearly understand the situation regarding the Qashqai’s engine system,” Adashek added.


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