Italdesign Parcour Concept getting new livery courtesy of everyone image

The famous Italian design house has decided its Parcour Concept needs a fresh coat so it has launched a competition that allows anyone to try their hand in designing the new livery for the prototype.

Just like any self-esteemed competition, there are also sweet prizes involved. You might remember that back in 2013 during the Geneva Motor Show the Parcour concept was first presented officially sporting its Gallardo-sourced power. Depicted in coupe and roadster guises, the V10 off-roader is getting a redo for the second edition of the “Parco del Valentino. Salone & Gran Premio” which is scheduled between June 8 and 12 I Turin. The main interest for the Parcour is a rally taking place on June 11, with the concept set to enter and race. This requires an appropriate livery so Italdesign has decided fans should be the ones coming up with the ideas. They will have the honor to get the finish on the concept’s body and also win a couple of VIP passes for the entire event. Additionally, the company is also throwing in two tickets for the Italdesign Family Night Party on June 11 taking place at the company’s headquarters.

If you feel the need to participate, just hit the link below in order to download the graphic kit which is being used for the livery. When done, just send the results to until May 31 at midnight. The jury will be made out of a car designer and three members from Italdesign’s communications department and the winning entry will be applied on the Parcour concept set to enter the rally which starts from the Valentino Park downtown Turin and will hit every city hotspot.