‘Italian drivers are Europe’s worst’ – Survey image

A recent survey in Europe has revealed that 23.7 percent of British travelers believe “Italians are the worst European drivers.

This British survey was carried out by a travel site named Zoover. Under the Italians there are 14 percent Polish drivers and 15.6 percent Greek drivers who are followed by 7.9 percent German drivers and 7.7 percent French drivers.

Other than this, the report also reveals that 24 percent of French believes they are bad drivers. Not only this, even 29 percent of Italians believes that they are worst European drivers. This survey was conducted in April-May 2012 where 30,091 people voted over 23 Zoover sites.

Below is a list of top 15 worst European drivers that the report shows – from low to high in percent.




Finnish 1.5
Austrian 1.6
Norwegian 1.9
Swiss 2.2
Danish 2.5
Swedish 2.7
Belgian 3.9
British 4.1
Spanish 5.0
Dutch 5.6
French 7.7
German 7.9
Polish 14.0
Greek 15.6
Italian 23.7