Italian government buys 19 Maserati Quattroporte image

While countries like Germany or France are battling with the economic crisis by cutting down half of Greece’s debt and trying to create more jobs, the Italian government has been “caught” buying 19 Maserati Quattroporte supercars.

According to, the Italian government has bought 19 Maserati Quattroporte supercars in their top-of-the-line versions, in a time when the defense ministry is supposed to be reducing its budget by 2.5bn EUR over the next three years.

“At a time when millions of Italians are being affected by a very serious economic crisis, is there good reason for the defense minister to feel it necessary to add 19 armored Maseratis to the ministry’s car park?”, as Emanuele Fiano, an MP from the opposition Democratic Party said.

The defense minister Ingazio La Russa couldn’t stay aside and had to comment on the situation: “What’s the problem? Maseratis are Italian and they cost less than their German equivalents.”

The Quattroporte is a four-door sedan made by Maserati in Italy and the current generation has been in production since 2004. The Quattroporte is available with three engine choices, all of them being V8s, with the 4.2 liter, 400 PS, the 4.7 liter 430 PS and the 4.7 liter 440 PS, mated to either a six-speed automatic or a six-speed DuoSelect paddle-shift.

The price for a Maserati Quattroporte is around 100.000 EUR, depending on its features.