Italian government sought clarification on investment plans from Fiat image

Fiat has to finalize the local production facilities within the given time span of few weeks as the Italian government expects investment plan clarification, said by the Industry Ministry Corrado Passera.

Corrado Passera said in a conference in Rimini that they are following the case with particular attention. In this case, it becomes very important to understand what intention does Fiat hold and for that the industry demand clarification for the real intension about the company in upcoming weeks.

Of all the recent reports and events occurred, it has been found that Fiat is having a big problem in Europe and might close some of its factories in Italy. The company has already posted 246 million euro loss for the second quarter of the year. Fiat’s European sales dropped 17 percent in the first half to 456,191 vehicles, according to data from industry group ACEA.

The automaker has denied the intension of closing any of its five car plants in Italy. However, the government demands assurance that it will maintain the investment in Italy.