ITALY: 2011 Volvo C30 Black Design image

In an effort to drive up sales in Italy, Swedish automaker Volvo has introduced a special edition C30.

Called the C30 Black Design, it’s limited exclusively to the Italian market and to just 600 examples. It’s got enough exterior upgrades to drive up the car’s overall design, which if we’re honest, is actually one of the nicer ones in its class.

However, the P1800EE inspired Volvo C30 is one of those designs that you either love or hate.

What sets it distinguish is the app of a 3M carbon–appearance film to the roof, pillars and grille surround also wing mirrors. There is also seventeen–inch matte black wheels (improvable to eighteen–inchers) as well as a specifically cut interior with classify dedication plaque.

Three different color schemes and engine trims will be available for this vehicle including a 145-horsepower 2.0 liter engine, 115 horsepower engine or 150 horsepower turbo-diesel engine.

Prices for the Volvo C30 Design Black start at € 19,600.