Italy: 2014 Motor Show to be held at Monza Racetrack – report image

Yesterday, GL Events, the company that was behind the Bologna Motor Show announced that the 2013 Italian motor show due to the total lack of the car manufacturers, core of an automotive exhibition.

But the real reason is this: unfortunately, the automotive sector in Italy is almost death, with car sales fallen 50 percent since 2007. And considering that car companies spend at least one million euros per stand at a major international car show – what’s the point in Italy if there are no buyers.

Yes of course, some will say that the point of a motorshow is not only to attract new buyers – but to display new models, new technologies and so on; but when you have Frankfurt or Paris in September and Geneva in March – what’s the point of a little motorshow in December? Complicated … Keep in mind that for example that last month in Frankfurt were 1,000 exhibitors – at Bologna in 2012 only 133.

However, considering that the 2015 world expo will be held in in Milan, a motorshow near Milan is a much better location. Therefore, Monza Race Track together with the Monza city hall is proposing the racetrack as a possible location for the 2014 Italian Motor Show.

It remains to be seen wherever the local authorities will reach an consensus regarding the 2014 Italian Motor Show (ex Bologna Motor Show …)