Italy: Lamborghini, unaware of factory damages after earthquake, sends workers home image

A magnitude 5.8 historical buildings and warehouses in the area between Bologna, Modena and Ferrara.

The epicenter was just about 30 km away from the Lamborghini factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

“At least 13 people are believed to have died,” Demetrio Egidi of the rescue services Egidi told television news channel Sky TG24. He said that more than 100 people were injured in an area close to Mirandola, near the city of Modena, when the tremor struck.

When asked by inautonews about possible damages, a Lamborghini spokesperson said:

“Currently technical inspections are carried out in the Lamborghini factory in order to control if there are any structural damages that may harm work safety. All workers and employees have been send home. Work and production activities are supposed to be continued regularly on the 30th of May.”

“Furthermore Lamborghini will check the situation of all local suppliers in order to verify if delays in parts delivery can be expected.”

On the same time, Ferrari’s F1 staff were sent home on Tuesday.