New car sales in Italy fell 9.25 percent in November, the Transportation Ministry said on Friday. A total of 132.579 new vehicles were registered in November.

In addition, on a year-to-date basis, the Italian automotive market doesn’t looks good – it fell 10.6 percent to 1.636.299 vehicles (1.830.281 in 2010).

Fiat SpA’s share of the total in its home country for November fell below its 30% benchmark to 28%, according to a calculation by MF-Dow Jones.

The Italian automaker has sold 26.853 new vehicles in November, down 14,39 percent compared to the 2010 November (31.366), while VW, the largest foreign automaker has sold 10.482 vehicles this November, up 12,29 percent (2010 Nov – 9.335).

Of its three main brands (FIAT), only Lancia saw sales go up for the month, rising 15%. Alfa Romeo fell 18%, while the Fiat brand tumbled 14%.



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